TGR1.618 Photography provides clients with the highest quality photographs at the best possible price. Dedicated to representing the interest of our clients first and foremost, we take our professional responsibilities seriously. Our clients receive 100% of our attention and commitment.

Proprietary information and privacy request pertaining to our clients are safeguarded and respected. We never use deception to obtain releases from models or properties. We follow a strict code of ethics as members of the Professional Photographers of America, while consistently reinforcing our commitment to quality.

TGR1.618 Photography preserves memories captured eternally in digital format. We understand how quickly life can change and are dedicated to helping clients capture lasting images to preserve their legacy or special event. Our top quality printed imagery is perfect for matting and framing to further enhance your cherished moments. Providing our clients with their most prized possession through photography is our commitment to you. 

Integrity / Dedication / Vision / Passion